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Learn how to use Sanctri to build online memorials to remember those you lost. This is your guide to the app. Watch why Sanctri eliminates the awkwardness associated with online memorials and social media. Then get started building memorials with the app at

Remember them...

Anyone can create an online memorial with the Sanctri Facebook app. It can be for someone you knew closely, family members or friends, or just a life that inspired you. Think of it as a "sanctuary" within Facebook. We use the term Moved instead of Like - we want you to be able to pay tribute to those you've lost without ever feeling awkward about it. And since you're still on Facebook it's easy to invite your friends to pay tribute, too.

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Share photos and memories

Sanctri is a place for you to share your photos and memories of who you've lost. We believe that these photos should still be seen, stories still told, and lives always remembered. You won't have to worry about when your RIP messages show up in other's feeds, or feel strange about posting on a frozen timeline. This is memorializing in an appropriate place within Facebook. You decide if it's public or private. Sanctri was built to be sensitive and safe.

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Tell their story, together

This is an app for people to come together. Sanctri memorials are built collaboratively. Cousins in California, siblings on the east coast and friends in Europe can all contribute. The Lifebook, a unique feature to Sanctri, is like an electronic scrapbook that everyone can help make together. All the memories, photos, and videos are organized into chronological life chapters that can be easily viewed. And it scrolls like an e book.

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